HLB International


Created in 1969, HLB International is a front line global network, regrouping Public Accounting and Auditing Firms established within more than 120 nations and classified amongst the most effective within their respective jurisdictions.

Member firms of the HLB network under the leadership of the associates posses grounded experiences, provide high level services amongst which are; auditing, accounting, taxation and consultancy and with a well recognized price-performance ratio.

According to the profession’s statistics, published recently in the “International Accounting Bulletin”, HLBI is classified amongst the Top 10 of the European auditing and consultancy networks.


Through out the 40 years of its existence, members of HLB International  have developed a wide range of services and expertise via the services rendered on behalf of multinational clients from all business sectors.

Members of HLB are highly reputed within their respective markets, thus placing them amongst the best, so much so that a high quality service can be provided within the main business centres in the world and within different types of organizations.  That is why, even beyond auditing and tax consultancy, a range of services can be provided at both the local and international levels.


HLB International as a network of firms commits itself to provide high quality services in the production of  financial statements and auditing to HLB’s clients all around the world.

Every member of the network have met with specific quality criteria at the national and international level.

While offering a wide range of services, HBL’s member firms  ensure that clients obtain the same quality of services from their associates no matter the location where the client is based.

HLB International’s head office is situated in London Great Briton

21 Ebury Street, London SW1W 0LD

Telephone : + 44 (0)20 7881 1100

Fax : + 44 (0)20 7881 1109

E-mail : mailbox@hlbi.com

Web : www.hlbi.com

Organization of HBL International

HLBI is lead by a board of 19 members and the President of the Board is Mr. David STENE. The executive committee is made up of:

  • David Stene Chairman
  • Robert G. Tautges Chief Executive Officer
  • Neil Wickenden Australia
  • Peter Nordahl Denmark
  • Fredy Fritzinger France
  • Edelfried Schneider Germany
  • Andrew Denley United Kingdom
  • William R. Hagaman Jr. United States of America
  • Richard DeRienzo United States of America

The HLB International network

So far, the HLBI network can boast of more than 600 member firms and correspondents in 130 nations. The HLBI head office is situated in London. The network counts close to 1,900 associates and a human resource of more than 17,000 collaborators. The annual Turn over of the group is 1.9 Billion USD.

The member firms of the HBLI network are subject to a permanent quality control, in conformity with the IAASB international norms for quality control.  The network guaranties the strict respect of the ethical rules  promulgated by the Ethical code for Professional Accountants of the IFAC (International Federation of Accountants). The network provides its members with tools to carry out audits that are based on the ISA norms.

In addition to the verification of accounts in compliance to IAS and INTOSAI international norms, the members of the network offer other value added services, especially management consulting.