HLB Premus Central Africa is an Auditing public accounting firm that is multi-disciplinarian, experienced and available.

Our unique goal is to make you   increase your profit margin. To achieve this objective, we will help your company improve in performance by benefiting from of our services offered:

Public accounting : we will assist you in all your accounting and management needs.    You Focus on your job and lets together set-up a service in which you entrust us with all or some of your accounting, administrative and financial roles.

 legal and contractual auditing :  this is a vital service to guarantee the pertinence and the reliability of the company’s financial information. We also offer the legal services of Certification of accounts and contractual auditing.

Consultancy : At every stage, our firm offers a cutting edge service in diverse domains, creation, recovery, development, disposal, transfer of business, and delegated social management.

Our firm is involved in all sectors of collective living: commerce and handicraft, services, industry, agriculture, forest, mines, liberal professions, associations, public  and parapublic sectors.


  • PREMUS AUDIT & CONSALTANCY  firm is an LLC. With FCFA 2 000 000 as capital and headquarters in Libreville,  registered  with  court registry number  RCCM 2010B10253
  • PREMUS  is an company of public accounting and auditing


  • PREMUS is CEMAC- authorized with authorization number SEC060  by a decision of the Board of Central African Economic Union (UEAC)Ministers of Economy and Finance
  • PREMUS'  licence covers 6 Central African nations (Chad, Cameroon, Central African Republic, Equatorial Guinea, Gabon and Congo)


  • Within the framework of its activities, PREMUS is a member of the following organizations :
  • The association of public accountants of Gabon (ACCG)  number 12
  • The Libreville Chamber of commerce
  • The confederation of Gabonese employers
  • The firm is an independent member of the  HLB International network